Hi there, I’m Jill


I’m Jill Simons! I used to list a lot of accolades when I first introduced myself, but now I always lead with my true identity as a daughter of God. But in addition to that, God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and five babies – one in heaven and four here with us – as well as gifts and talents that have allowed me to create and grow a beautiful Christian women’s lifestyle brand, Pink Salt Riot, where I now serve as Creative Director in addition to keeping busy as a Catholic speaker and podcaster.


My biggest passion is pouring into women’s true identity – giving them the one thing that will help them to know who they are and be OK regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in.

God is the only constant, and our hearts truly are restless until we rest fully and completely in him.

In my work as a wife, mom, Creative Director, product designer, podcaster, speaker, and photographer, I always strive to point everyone and everything back to God – thanking him for the abundant goodness and inviting him to bring his healing touch to all the brokenness.

I am most alive when I am involved in charismatic and prophetic ministry, making God known in a way that radically changes hearts and minds. I love the power of prophetic ministry to allow people to experience the way that God knows, sees, and loves them.

I also love mentoring people on how to listen to the voice of God in their own lives, inviting everyone to step into their baptismal identity as prophet.

I have not always been so clear on my identity and the role of God‘s voice in my life. Throughout many struggles in my life, especially struggles with addiction, perfectionism, and a fierce performance based mentality, God sought me in my brokenness and brought me into healing.

I love to share the story of the way that God has worked in my heart through my experiences and relationships with others on their own journey to seeing themselves through God’s eyes.