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Jill Simons - Embrace beauty, be a light

My name is Jill Simons and I am the blogger here at JillSimons.com. My passion for all things beauty has spun out of my lifelong pursuit of creativity, and my study of visual and performing arts. I attended Benedictine College where I met my husband with whom I have two beautiful babies (who are not quite babies anymore). I am currently the Creative Director and owner at Pink Salt Riot, a Catholic handmade company specializing in uplifting hand lettered jewelry and gifts.

I started Pink Salt Riot in 2015 as a side project to my then-company Favoring Brave, another handmade company I had started that recycled old books from Tulsa Public Schools. Favoring Brave was quite successful, but I felt the Holy Spirit’s call to shutter it after the holiday season of 2016 and focus solely on Pink Salt Riot. Our growth in less than a year of full time dedication on my part has been astounding and I added my first team members in June of 2017.

As Pink Salt Riot has grown I have seen firsthand the desire for the good and the true to also be beautiful, especially in the modern sense. As modern Catholic women we find ourselves drawn to modern aesthetics, but also struggle to find things, brand, blog, or otherwise, that faithfully built on both our beliefs and our favorite iteration of beauty.

It has been my journey with Pink Salt Riot that has prompted me to start this blog because I see so many woman looking for their own beauty and desiring to be a light to their world. The desire to dress in a beautiful and personal way, knowing how to accessorize well, sorting out confidence, humility, and vanity, crafting a beautiful home, and the true meaning of beauty – these were all topics I wanted to read about from a Catholic perspective. In sharing this desire with friends and colleagues I realized I was not alone in that.

My background in fashion blogging, the accessories industry, and my marriage to a Catholic theology teacher and my own, albeit less in depth, background in theology have all given me a unique perspective on these issues and I have felt God’s call to share this perspective, humble though it may be.

I am far from an expert on these topics, but I share what I know. I share what I’ve seen and experienced and the conclusions I have drawn. I share what God has shared with me so that, like the servants in the Gospel parable, I may return what was offered to me to the Father with increase upon His return.

I also started this blog for my daughter. She is two years old. I want her to grow up knowing the right role of beauty in life. I want her to grow up knowing that the outside manifest the inside, not so that she can be vain or so that she can focus excessively on her looks, but so she can be intentional about dressing and presenting herself in a way that aligns with who she is inside. I want my daughter to learn about the theology of what she’s doing as she’s learning to do it, not in a sit-down classroom way, but in a life away – in a way that is so ingrained in her that it just sinks down into her bones and becomes part of who she is.

So I am writing the beauty blog I would want my daughter to read.

I am writing the beauty blog that I needed when I was in high school and college and a young adult trying to figure out what beautiful was because I didn’t feel like it was a word that described me.

I am writing this blog for you.

To remind you you are beautiful. To show you the beautiful foundation we have in our faith. To be your cheerleader when putting your real beauty out there feels scary. To uplift your spirit and remind you just how beautiful a life full of Christ really is.

I hope you join me. Thanks for reading. If you’d like to follow along with our bi-weekly email newsletter you can sign up below: