A Beauty Full Advent Ebook + Journal


This is to purchase the full printable version of A Beauty Full Advent as well as the four bonus pieces of printable art included in the book.

It is a huge asset to have a place to keep all your thoughts together throughout  the month of reflection, however, if you would prefer to simply enroll in the free daily emails for A Beauty Full Advent 2018 you can do so below.



Beauty is so misunderstood in our world. It has been co-opted – replaced with the false beauty of flashiness, possession, and pleasure.

Few places do we see that as clearly as in the celebration of Christmas. 

It’s all about ads, newness, bigness, and flash. The best decor, the best gifts, the best holiday looks. You know the drill.

And while it’s fine to appreciate beautiful things (cause that’s kinda a big part of what we do here at JS) it’s not all there is. There is beauty that is deep. There is beauty that lasts into eternity. There is beauty that shows us the Light.

So that’s what we’re doing this Advent – looking for the Light. Waiting for it. Searching for it. Trying to uncover it in the places it might be most hidden: in the world, other people, and in ourselves.

This program is broken up into four sections:

Dec 1-5: The Beauty of the World

Dec 6- 11: The Beauty of People

Dec 12 – 17: The Beauty of You

Dec 18 – 24: The Beauty of God

In each section there will be daily reflections or activities to help you explore beauty and ultimately get in touch with it’s source: God Himself. There is also a free Facebook group you can join to share your thoughts and reflections as you go through the program together.

There is also a section of printable art at the end of the book that can help you carry your reflections this advent into your everyday life this Advent and beyond. They are free for your personal use.


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