I am passionate about creativity, the Holy Spirit, & your true identity 

Jill has devoted her life to empowering Christian women with truth through the power of the Holy Spirit and beautiful products, podcasts, resources, & teachings on where our identity should truly lie.


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Hi there, I’m Jill


I’m a daughter of God, wife, and mother of four first and foremost, but I’m also a Catholic speaker, podcaster, and the founder and Creative Director at Pink Salt Riot and the Riot House here in my adopted hometown of Tulsa, OK. I also lead women through my podcasts, the Authentic Uprising Show and the soon to be released Better Thoughts for Christian Women podcast.



it all starts with knowing

exactly who you are

Jill firmly believes that a life of freedom begins with knowing & loving Jesus and letting you entire identity flow from that. Only then do you have the ability to create without performing, work without earning, and love without reliance on how other people respond. A firm identity is the foundation for everything we long for and frees us to truly enjoy life, truly grow, and truly love, which is Jill’s favorite thing to talk about as a Catholic speaker.